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Church of Timios Stavros

The church of Timios Stavros is located at the northern entrance of the Community, along the road leading from Korakou to Evrychou.  

It is a 16th century Basilica with a wooden roof. The original 16th century church was expanded in the 18th century and renovated in 1994 and 2010. In particular, in 1994 the roof was entirely repaired, while in 2010 both the masonry was maintained and a new floor was placed using old plaster plaques. Unfortunately, the church’s inauguration ceremony remains unknown.

Internally, the church is adorned by a wooden iconostasis dated back to the 18th century. However, the person who created it remains unknown. The church’s dimensions are 5 x 15 m.              

The church of Timios Stavros was not built on the remains of an older church. According to tradition, its construction in linked to the finding and transfer of the cross to the village of Lampadou, which is located somewhere between the villages of Sina Oros and Galata. In particular, it is mentioned that some residents of the village found a cross in Lampadou and decided to transfer it to the village. During the transfer, the cross became extremely heavy, which forced everybody to stop. The church of Timios Stavros was built at the location where the cross had become extremely heavy. 

Despite the fact that the church was not built on the foundations of an older church, there are some icons which are dated back to before the 16th century. Some mention that the icons were transferred from the church of Agios Georgios which used to be located in the area of Pera Geitonia before it was demolished.


Information provided by the Department of Antiquities  

Senior residents of the village, including Loukas Ioannou and Michalis Pantziaris


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